Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Can't Take This Any More

Dear Coach Mullen:  We love you at Mississippi State University.  We desperately want you to stay and finish the job you have started so well.  We will pay you more, probably a lot more.  You know our strengths and weaknesses and possibilities.  They are what they are and while many things are improving, MSU will never be in Florida.   

Every time some coach resigns your name comes up.  Now it is Florida and not just the Universityof Miami.  If that is your dream job, then go.  I can't take the stress of not knowing any more.  Future recruits have the right to know whether you will be their coach.  Current players need to concentrate on playing and not on where their coach will be in a few weeks or months.  The MSU football program needs stability to continue the improvement you have begun.  It was MSU that gave you this opportunity and you have seized it and earned your keep.  Whatever you do we wish you the best.   

So, Coach Mullen, do what you must, but do it NOW. 

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