Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where Is Dan Going?

It seems that right after football season we have a new season with an entirely different, though related, sport. It is called Where's Dan Going? Never wanting to miss out on a good thing it seems appropriate to get in the game. So let's start another rumor. Something better than Richt to Miami and Dan to Georgia. Something better than Dan to any and every place that had a less than stellar football season.
So, hold on to your hats and listen up; Dan will stay at MSU. That's right. I have it from a very good source that Dan Mullen will remain at MSU. As Dan himself suggested, there are not many places for him to go. We at MSU are always darned proud of everyone and everything associated with our beloved school. That means we often believe other schools want whatever we have.

We are also somewhat insecure at MSU. We don't believe that we are as good as Alabama or LSU or Auburn or even Arkansas. The school up north is another matter entirely. As long as we don't believe that we are as good as some other schools, why would anyone believe it? Do you think Alabama was really afraid of losing Nick after last year's championship year?

I read that MSU will always be chasing the four who wound up ahead of us in the SEC West this year. Note the use of the word always. Why don't we just fold up the program and go home? Because we don't intend to always be chasing anyone. We intend to let them chase us for a change. Why not?

Nowhere is it written that Arkansas, LSU, Auburn or Alabama should have a better football team than MSU. Yes, they have more money. But money is no guarantee of success. As MSU continues to improve, the program will generate more money. Hard work, success, and a great attitude about MSU can and will prove to be much more important than money alone. It's not like we have lousy facilities. We have great facilities and they are getting better.

So to sum up let me say that Coach Mullen makes well over a million dollars a year and lives in Starkville, MS. I've lived quite well in Starkville for a whole heaping lot less than that. He is loved by a community starved for football success and one that puts little pressure on him. His program and techniques are working well.

So when the rumor mill heats up just remember that you read it here first. Dan stays at MSU. Enough said.

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