Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Once again, in their seemingly unstoppable effort to destroy the United States, your federal government has found another way to spend money they don't have.  This time they are going to be bailing out states.  Yes, states that have not been able to stay within their budget will be bailed out by a debtor federal government that steals your money by printing more of it.  Great system isn't it?

Take a close look at the states most in need of a bail out (or just fiscal sanity) and you might find they are primarily run by liberals who never saw a program they didn't fund.  When times were good they spent and spent and spent.  Now that times are bad they spend and spend and spend.  The result?  They don't have any money.  Yeah, surprised me too.

It is not all the fault of looney politicians.  Much of the problem is caused by an electorate unwilling to demand fiscal sanity from elected officials.  Maybe it is not too late.  Call your Representative and Senators.  Tell them to quit spending money they don't have and for goodness sake don't enable states to continue overspending. 

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