Friday, February 11, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Mostly Secular

Our federal government is at it again.  The same government that wants to run your health care, tell you what to eat and control most every aspect of your life has stepped up to the plate (this would be baseball not supper) once again.  Yes, they have advised that the Muslim Brotherhood is primarily a secular organization.

So I'm on the phone with BJ, owner of Bubba's Bait Boats and Wrecks, and we are discussing the Muslim Brotherhood.  All in all I must say that I agree with BJ.  BJ thinks the federal government could not differentiate between a hole in the ground and a certain portion of their anatomy.  I believe him to be correct.

Calling the Muslim Brotherhood secular is like calling the Southern Baptist Association secular.  The Muslim Brotherhood chose their name back in the 1920s.  They didn't decide to call themselves the Middle Eastern Brotherhood or the We Love Freedom Brotherhood. 

Old Southern boys often can spot bullcrap when we see it.  Something is smelling in Washington right now and its not Michelle's perfume.  So when you hear someone say the Muslim Brotherhood is really just a group of good old boys who just want what is best for the Middle East; hold your nose cause you are being fed a line of crap.  Unfortunately that is mostly what we get from the Federal Government.  It is a shame we have neither the will nor the inclination to change it.  

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