Thursday, March 3, 2011

Through The Looking Glass Again

We live in a country where vile and obscene signs can be displayed to cause further harm to those who have lost loved ones in a war. It is so because of our love of freedom of speech. We live in a country where the 10 Commandments are pulled from the lockers of high school students. We do this because our desire to keep any form of Christianity from our children is greater than our love for free speech.

We live in a country that sends a large portion of its treasures every month to people who would like to destroy us. We do this in order to prevent any possible contamination of our own soil. We actively prevent our own quite competent companies from drilling. We fail to create the thousands of jobs and keep billions of dollars in our own nation. No other nation on earth is so foolish.

Someone recently told me that they would like for us to keep our oil. For what? We have enough oil and gas to run this country for several hundred years. Two hundred years ago there were no cars or trucks. The idea that we will not have alternative energy in the next several hundred years is plain silly.

The United States is in self destructive mode. We are systematically destroying this nation by policies that seem to have that intent. The value of the dollar will soon be the value of the country formerly known as Rhodesia. Each time the government prints more money, the money you have becomes less valuable. They are stealing your wealth.

We have a Congress that talks about reducing spending. They talk, and talk and talk. We have a political party that seems quite content to spend this nation into oblivion and another one that is impotent. We have a President who refuses to name our enemy while attacking the TEA Party as racist.

Our nation is upside down and inside out. We are driving off a cliff and slowing down is not an option. If we don't stop, we will die as a nation. On the positive side, this should slow down the illegal immigration problem.

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