Friday, March 18, 2011


An oft repeated lie told by those who wish to return the United States to the stoneage is that it will take seven years before any additional oil exploration and drilling can have an impact.  As Americans are truly hurting with the current price of gas, our President says don't worry be happy.  And of course he repeats the lie.  Maybe the lie makes him feel better about doing nothing. 

Gee, Mr. President, if we do nothing how long before it will have an impact?  How about today?  Yes, Mr. President, because of your policies and the continued unrest in the Middle East we are being punished every day.  And you say it will take seven years even if we started today, which of course we are not going to do.

That is a lie.  I am not an expert on drilling for oil, but one thing is for certain.  If the United States had actual leaders instead of puppets we would be making an all out push for oil and natural gas.  If the world knew we were serious about using our own resources there would be a downward pressure on the price of oil.  It would take effect almost immediately.  The world would simply have to be convinced that the United States was willing, at least once, to act in its own interest. 

When you fill up your tank don't curse the big oil companies.  Curse those who refuse to allow the big oil companies to explore and drill.  Think of the thousands of good paying jobs.  There is no reason we cannot move forward on solar and wind and fairy dust if that works.  Of course we should do those things, but to cause harm to those on fixed incomes is criminal.  Yes, criminal.

Enjoy your parties and golf and trips Mr. President.  Please consider those you claim to want to help.  Please consider those who are being hurt daily by your policies.  Someday the world will run on something other than fossil fuels and that is good.  It is not today.  Help the American people and get out of the way of American enterprise.

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