Thursday, August 26, 2010


So without much else to do I flipped on the TV and watched part of an NFL pre-season game.  Yes, it speaks to my desire for real football to begin.  It also is an indicator that I should be doing something better with my life.  Nevertheless, there I was watching what is essentially a practice game.  A practice game for which people have to pay full price for tickets.  A great deal for the NFL, and a finger in the eye of fans. 

Anyway, during the aforementioned pre-season game, i.e. a game that will count for nothing in the final standings, the challenge flag came out.  Everyone stopped play, and the officials ran over to the camera and spent several minutes determining whether it was a touchdown, as called on the field, or not. 

After the first 30 seconds or so it was all I could do not to scream at the TV.  It's practice for gosh sakes.  The outcome of the game means nothing.  Nobody will lose a job or keep a job because of this one disputed play in a practice game. 

It's bad enough to be watching a practice game, but to have to wait while a meaningless challenge is decided is too much.  Dear NFL, during the practice season let's do away with challenges.  Thank you.

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