Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pelosi Investigates My Funding

Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate the funding of people who oppose placing a Mosque so close to Ground Zero in New York City.  Hey Nancy!  I oppose the Mosque, but nobody has sent me any money.  Please folks, if you are funding those who oppose the Mosque, send me cash.

I don't care if Mrs. Pelosi investigates that funding.  I promise to spend it on totally selfish items like some new stuff for the RV.  I'll have my web site professionally designed by someone other than the junior high kid who does it now.  I'll buy my wife an actual anniversary present and not just resend last year's card.

Investigate funding of the Mosque opposition?  What country do we live in now?  If you oppose the ruling party, then you are to be investigated?  This isn't racial profiling, it is thought profiling.  Hope and change has now morphed into Hope For Change.

First they say we are intolerant.  But if called on that, they say "some" who oppose the Mosque are intolerant. They say we are racists.  But if called on that, they say "some" who want the border protected are racists.  Using their logic you can demonize any position at any time.  There are always "some" who take a position for reasons most of us deem inappropriate.  Unfortunately the arguments of the left are too often reduced to name calling.     

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