Friday, August 20, 2010

Government Protects Us From Roger Clemens

Every day we should arise and be thankful the federal government is out there protecting us from harm.  No, not from the thousands who enter our country illegally every day.  Not from those who want to dance on the graves of thousands at Ground Zero by building a Mosque.  Not from the flood of new taxes we will be facing.  Not from the incredible and wasteful spending.  The federal government, thank goodness, is protecting us from Roger Clemens.  Who?  The baseball player who may, or may not, have taken performance enhancing drugs.

Having failed to do their jobs in any meaningful way, Congress decided it was important to investigate baseball.  Baseball?  Yes, who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man?  Maybe some of those baseball players used drugs.  Maybe some die hard fans give a rip.  Is this what our federal government should be doing?

It is beyond my limited abilities to describe the failures of our federal government without resorting to foul language.  Maybe Congress should take performance enhancing drugs.  Maybe they could actually do their jobs for the American people.  Then again, probably not.

But we won't have to worry about Roger Clemens destroying the image of our national past time.  Yeah, that's way more important than billions of wasted dollars and millions of illegal immigrants.  Sure, way to go Nancy.  Is it time for the seventh inning stretch?

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