Saturday, September 11, 2010


Some nut half way around the world from you claimed he was going to burn copies of the Quran.  Let's make a few things clear.  The guy is inconsequential in almost every sense of the word.  He would be burning books printed in America in a language you can't even read.  He wouldn't be burning any copies of your Quran that you have ever seen.  There will be plenty of them left.

Respecting the book is your right and probably your duty as well.  Asking others to respect the book is also your right.  Demanding that others respect your book is religious tyranny. 

Jumping around shouting "Death to America" just makes you look silly.  It is also so yesterday.  At least come up with new slogans.  Take some advice; get a grip, get a life, get a job.  Honor your religion by setting a good example for others.  Try improving the lives of your citizens by establishing an orderly society.  Here's a thought; try respecting other religions.  Who knows they may return that respect.

You might even condemn those who execute Christians because they are Christians.  I know I'm going out on a limb here, but how about respecting life.  Surely you are taught to respect the creations of your God. 

I'm thinking of downloading a copy of the Quran and then deleting it.  Will that drive you into the streets in protest?  Just asking.

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