Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ole Miss Mascot Mess

Colonel Reb was ousted a few years ago by the powers that be at the University of Mississippi.  The playing of a small portion of Dixie was eliminated last year.  Now Ole Miss has shelved its mascot and fight song.  Why?  For the most politically correct reason of all, someone might (yes might) be offended. 

It seems that Ole Miss has bought into the idea that we have a new Constitutional right.  Yes a new amendment must have been passed and now we have the right not to be offended.  But before you get all excited, rest assured that right is reserved for only some. 

I am often offended by politicians, TV personalities and even Ole Miss.  Nobody cares though.  Maybe because I am just an old white man.  Add to that the last straw that I am also from the South.  So while others may be protected from possible offense, I am not. 

The search for a new Ole Miss mascot has turned into a joke.  The trouble is that when you disrespect your past, there is no reason to give you respect.  Ole Miss would have been better off to educate their students about the past and remain true to their heritage.  They chose the path of least resistance.  They chose the path that required no character, no respect for their past, no honor. 

Ole Miss is a university running from its past and running into an uncertain future of political correctness.

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