Sunday, September 19, 2010


People who choose to run for office in the United States generally decide to be members of either the Democrat or Republican party.  Of course they can affiliate with smaller parties or run as an independent.  While the rules vary from state to state, if you run as a Republican or Democrat you go through their primary election process.  If you run as an independent you normally have to obtain a large number of registered voter signatures to get on the ballot. 

Then of course there are the sore losers.  They are the ones who choose to run as Republicans and when they are turned out by the electorate, decide to stay in the race believing I guess that the voters just got it wrong.  They had no such thoughts when voters put them in office.  Of course they might just have read the pre-election polls and jumped even before the primary. 

Sore losers are conceited individuals who just don't like the voters' verdict.  They want another slice of the pie, another bit of the apple, a second chance.  Well dear friends there are losers in all sorts of competitive events who would like a second chance.  From football to bridge, when the game is over, the game is over. 

From Florida to Alaska we now have candidates who want that second chance and are willing to play games with the system in order to get that chance.  Voters should turn these disgraceful candidates out of office as quickly as possible.  In most instances they have held on to power for such a long time they have come to believe it to be their right.  They do not own those offices.  The people own them.  We must send these old selfish ones home.  They no longer represent the people. 


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