Monday, November 15, 2010


Want to make the American people really, really mad Mr./Mrs./Miss Member of Congress?  Go ahead, make our day, tell us that earmarks don't really cost much money.  Yeah, and a latte at Starbucks doesn't really cost that much either when compared to our overall expenditures, but when we have to cut spending it is one of many areas included in cutting our budgets. 

Tell us that earmarks don't cost much.  Pretend that we don't understand they are used to buy your votes on much larger expenditures.  Act as if we are too uneducated to know that earmarks have been a ticket to re-election and traded in Congress like play money in a game of Monopoly.

So here's the deal Congressperson and Senators; the first time I see you standing in front of a new bridge or reporting on your web site how you helped get a new project for us I'm writing a check to the first credible person who is willing to take you on in the next primary election.

Why?  Because we are out of money.  Yes, I can't afford to pay for a new library in Maine and they can't afford to pay for a new road in my hometown.  We are out of money.  We have spent more than we can ever pay.  We have spent our children's money.  We have spent our grandchildren's money.  Stop!

The American people are awake.  It is not just greed that motivates us.  We know that if this nation is to have any future, the spending spree must stop. 

Keep on doing what you've always done and you Congressperson will not get what you have always gotten.  You will not get re-elected.  Now stand up and represent your constituents by doing what is best for the entire country.  We, the voters, are watching what you do.  We don't much care what you say. 

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