Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am old enough to remember when all things new and fresh started in California.  Every new trend and fad seemed to begin in California.  The hippest music and surfing and movies all came to us thanks to California.  Whenever the news reported on something new happening in California, we knew it would be heading east.  This is, most unfortunately, a testament to how old I am.

Today California elects a retread flower child old man for Governor.  California contributes an arrogant old woman to the United States Senate.  California governs under the thumb of public unions.  Yes, today California has become an overspend, overtax, over regulate state that is driving business and tax payers to surrounding states in ever increasing numbers.

The result of bad government and backward looking leaders is simply that California cannot sustain itself.  Sooner or later it will come to the Federal Government for a bail out.  When that happens we must all stand up and say "No mas, California."  You can lift your noses at the rest of us.  You can sip your wine and discuss how the world should be green.  You can pretend your liberal ideas are working.  What you cannot do is all of that while putting your hand out to hard working thrifty Americans who you look down upon.

You hold us in contempt.  You dismiss our concerns.  You are unwilling to control your own spending.  You do not respect the laws of your country.  So, do not now; do not ever; put your hand out.  No California. No mas California. 

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