Friday, April 1, 2011

My Government My Enemy

Every day a tall man in a white house gets up and makes policy designed to make my life more difficult.  He is joined by a handful of Czars and a plethora of officials who owe their souls, or at least their offices, to a small group of special interest citizens.  They do not attack on a single front, rather, like termites working on my foundation they attack from all directions.  If you, even for a moment, believe this is hyperbole then I must suggest you need to get out of your shell and see what is happening to this country.

A few examples include:  by borrowing money at a rate not sustainable they mortgage the future of younger adults as well as our children and grandchildren; by printing money with seemingly no limit they make our savings worth less; by failing to exploit our own resources they make us pay too much for fuel.  They make deals to fiscally support the drilling of oil by Brazil while refusing new oil leases for companies within our country who could create thousands of new jobs.  By paying people not to work for years they keep people unemployed.  By a welfare system that often includes such necessities as cell phones they discourage potential workers. 

Their attacks are not limited to attacks on our fiscal  well being.  They are in the process of destroying the best healthcare system in the world.  They protect rebels in Libya while refusing to protect our own borders and suing to prevent Arizona from doing the job they refuse to do.  They are busy working on a myriad of ways to control our lives from satellite television to radio to what we eat.  Their pie in the sky green energy programs cost us more for food and everything else we buy. 

Make no mistake:  I have seen the enemy and he is us.  (Stolen from a cartoon character I think.) 

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