Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clean Your RV Awning For $1

Our new RV has an awning and while they are nice, nobody wants to sit under an awning covered with mold and mildew.  Unfortunately my awning was becoming quite the eye sore.  I asked several people what they used to clean their awning and they each had an answer involving purchasing some cleaning product that was relatively expensive. 

Being on a tight budget while saving for a future trip, I ventured into Dollar Tree and purchased a bottle of their regular car washing liquid.  I did note the bottle indicated it was also good for RVs and awnings.  I next took the RV to the front of my house and rolled out the awning.  Using a ladder, a soft bristled brush with a long handle, a high pressure nozzle and the aforementioned dollar store car wash liquid, I cleaned the awning quite well.

First I used the high pressure nozzle to wash off what it could.  Then, after not being able to  find my collapsible can, I made do by pouring the liquid directly onto the brush. With a little elbow grease the awning cleaned up just fine and I used more of the dollar store car wash to wash the entire RV.

In the future I will try and extend the awning as much as possible after rain.  This should help keep it free from mold.  For more RV related information including; How To Decide If An RV Is Right For You  please check out my web site RV Fun and Facts.  In case the link doesn't work it is located at:

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