Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Republicans Search For Old White Man

Yes, it is definitely true. Establishment Republicans are once again in a desperate search for an old white man to run for President. Establishment Republicans are for the most part northeastern liberal Republicans, or as they are more frequently called, moderate Republicans.

These are the people who have given us Bob Dole and John McCain to name a couple of candidates who became a footnote in history. They keep putting up names like Daniels (whose wife told him no) and now Huntsman. People who are, you know, in the mainstream. Yeah, Democrats light, destined to lose and drag the party down with them.

There are solid conservative candidates out there, but the old line Republicans fear them as much as they do Obama. I for one would love to see Bachmann or Cain or Perry or just about anyone who isn't bought and paid for by the Republican elites become the next candidate. Even if they lose, they would stand for something.

Frankly if the American people re-elect Obama there is not much hope for our future. We need a candidate who is not afraid to take on Obama and his failed policies.

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