Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks Mr. President

In these times of economic troubles I just don't think we take time out to thank our President for all that he is doing. So I would like to say, “Thank you, Mr. President.” Let me just take a few moments to let you know what you've done for me.

My RV is safely parked and stored for the next couple of months. Yes, these are the times I would normally be driving it and wasting fuel, but thanks to your energy policy I can't afford gas for it. So instead of traveling across the country I'm just parking the RV and staying at home. This year there won't be the northeastern trip to see summer in Maine. There won't be a trip to the Oregon coast or even to the beaches of Florida. No, thanks to your efforts at preventing oil drilling, we will be staying put.

I spent this Sunday afternoon cutting out coupons from the paper in hopes of saving a few dollars on the groceries. My first stop after church was at the dollar store for a dollar paper. They were out. The lady told me that people were actually lined up at the store when it opened at 9 this morning to buy papers for the coupons. I had to buy my paper at Wal-Mart for $2. So thanks to your policy of printing more and more money I am learning new skills and the newspaper business is getting back on track.

I've had to cash in some of our savings this year so once again, thanks to you, I'll be paying less in income tax next year. None of that pesky interest to add into my income. My wife had a hair cut from one of the local beauty colleges. The list of what you are doing for me goes on and on.

Next week I'll be going with a friend to get a free oil change for my car. Thanks to you I really could use a free oil change. This will give me the opportunity to spend quality time with a friend and it is all because of you. We own two cars, one 12 years old and the other 4 years old, but we seldom have gas for both at the same time. We plan our trips to save fuel. I can only imagine the great impact this has on the environment. Of course your flying around on Air Force One probably isn't helping things, but there are lots of us you have forced to live the simple life so it all balances out. At least you are living the high life.

When I first retired our motto was, “Everything we need and much of what we want.” Thanks to you we have a new motto. “Most of what we need and occasionally something we want.” There are millions of people out there supporting you, so I can only assume they enjoy the challenges of living with less. So I'm now requesting free samples on the Internet and trying to sell a few books. Is Wal-Mart still an option? Thanks Mr. President.

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