Monday, June 21, 2010

Is An RV Right For You

An RV is an expensive investment that will not appreciate in value. In other words, no matter how you slice it an RV is going to cost you money. Make certain that this is where you want to spend your hard earned income.
A recreational vehicle, like any equipment, has to be maintained. That means washing, changing oil, preparing it for winter, protecting it when stored, repairing what isn't working and in general keeping it in shape for your use.
Many suggest, and I certainly do not disagree, that one way to learn about RVs is to rent one at least for a weekend. This experience will likely hook you on RVing or send you packing, but that is the purpose. A week would be even better. It will also help you determine what size is right for you. The experience of hooking, unhooking and dumping will bring home the realities of RV life.

I have heard of so many stories about people who spent many thousands of dollars to purchase an RV and took one or two trips before parking it. After a year or two of just sitting they decide to sell it and this costs them a lot of money.

We love taking trips in an RV. It is a kind of freedom and convenience we haven't found in any other mode of travel. But what we love and what you love may be entirely different things. Before making such a large investment, commit yourself to using your RV.

If it is right for you then the money will be well spent.

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