Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Know What RV You Can Afford

The first decision is whether to purchase an RV, but after that comes what you want and what you can afford. The absolute best advice that I can give is to know what you can afford first. You will be better off having a slightly less opulent camper if you can comfortably deal with the costs. Overspending will result in the RV becoming a burden and you won't have the fun you dreamed about.

Think about how much you can put down and what monthly payments you can comfortably make including insurance and parking fees, leaving room for traveling money. Don't forget the cost of a tag. The tag for my class C in Alabama is going to cost around $800.

Also put something aside to stock your RV the way you want it. This might include silverware, dishes, towels, extra toiletries, and assorted items to keep your RV clean as well as a variety of tools.

Finally, and this is important, put aside at least a few hundred dollars for those unexpected things that you will absolutely, positively want to buy.

Don't overspend and your RV will be a great asset for your entire family.

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