Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trailer or Motorhome?

After you determine how much you can afford the answer to the question trailer or motor home may be made for you.  Buying a trailer is much cheaper than buying a motorized unit.  It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out why.  When you buy a motorized unit you are buying a truck and a house.

If you can go either way then you need to take a look at how you will be using the RV.  Is the trip itself part of your enjoyment or are you the type of person who just wants to get there?  If you have a motorized unit all of the amenities are yours to use by pulling to the side of the road or parking.  If you have a trailer it is much easier to use the various amenities after you arrive at your destination.

If you own a truck or even an SUV or minivan in some cases, that will pull a trailer then that is one way to save a bundle.  And you can see how many folks with a motorized unit wind up towing a car, so you are just reversing that process.

Just after figuring out what you can afford comes the next decision, whether to buy a trailer or a motorized unit.  This was quite easy for us because I can’t pull much with my subcompact and we enjoy being able to just pull over and have the amenities readily available. 

Each person's situation and enjoyment is unique so there are no answers that apply to all.  Read more at the web site It's A Kean World.

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