Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Does Ready Mean to JAYCO?

It was right there in front of the RV, just like it was supposed to be. It has GPS, AM, FM, backup camera and DVD and I thought it was Sirius Ready. I thought that because the radio has a sign attached to it that says: "Sirius Ready." So when checking all the gadgets on the RV, I didn't call Sirius to subscribe since I knew that I had a Sirius Ready radio as promised by JAYCO and I could subscribe at any time.

Not so fast English reader. I checked with Merriam Webster who defines the word ready as follow: 1 a : prepared mentally or physically for some experience or action b : prepared for immediate use 2 a : willingly disposed : inclined b : likely to do something indicated
3 : displayed readily and spontaneously 4 : immediately available

Please take special note of 1b: prepared for immediate use and 4: immediately available. That was, in fact my take on the words attached to the radio in my new JAYCO RV. Yes, immediately available.

Upon arriving at home in my new RV I was preparing to call Sirius to have them start my service on my Sirius ready radio when I discovered ready means only that it is ready to have some more parts installed to become ready. In other words in spite of Mr. Webster's definitions, in the world of JAYCO ready ain't ready.

I pass this on to you in case you are thinking of buying a JAYCO RV. If ready doesn't mean ready, one might wonder if two year waranty means two years or if JAYCO has another definition of that as well.

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