Friday, October 1, 2010

California Dreaming

Dear California voters it is now your turn to cast your ballots for Governor, Senator and a variety of other offices.  The great thing about this country is that you can vote for anyone.  You could vote for a sea turtle if you wish, and Lord knows I wish you had instead of the empty suits you have voted for in the past.  Once again you are afforded an opportunity to turn your state from certain ruin.  It is doubtful you will do this, but you have the chance.

If you choose to vote for "Call me ma'am" and the left over flower power child I only have one warning.  Do not come crying to the rest of this nation for a bailout.  You are not too big to fail; you are not too stupid to fail;(close call) and we are not going to save your bacon.

Most of the time you brag about your ability to be different.  That can be a good thing.  You thumb your nose at laws relating to immigration.  You regularly act as if you are a superior class of people.  (That you have in common with the northeast elites).  Yes, California revels in its ability to go a different route.

Dear Californians, we don't care if you go a different route.  We don't care if you drive your car off the cliff even though we've told you that is what you are doing.  No, we don't care.  But don't you ever come hat in hand to the federal government and expect the citizens of the rest of this country to bail you out. 

Elect "Call me ma'am" and flower power and you are on your own.  

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