Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams Fired

You might expect that the Fox Network's most frequently seen liberal had been let go by Fox.  You would be wrong.  No, Juan Williams was fired by that bastion of tolerance, NPR.  Yes, these are the people who get some of your money to put out propoganda for the left.  Why is it that the people who most often extol the virtue of tolerance seem to be the least tolerant? 

Juan Williams often takes positions with which I disagree.  However, I respect his opinions and appreciate the fact that Fox offers differing opinions.  Differing opinions do not seem to be respected by NPR.  Juan Williams told the truth about his personal feelings.  He added a variety of political correct statements, but they were not enough according to NPR.

Any funding for this group of liberals is as offensive to me as funding the Fox network would be to some.  I have learned, however, that my feelings don't count.  If I were only a Muslim or black or a woman or gay maybe my feeling would count. Actually I'm not at all certain that women can any longer be included in one of the special categories that liberals care about protecting.  There are lots of conservative women running for political office and they certainly are not accorded any special respect.

Want to know how liberals will protect your rights?  Take a look at NPR.  They take your money, schill for the left and thumb their noses at regular people.  They are just so much more sophisticated and educated than you poor dopes.  Join me and the rest of the unwashed in denying NPR any public funding.  Let George Sorros fund them; after all his positions are their positions. 



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