Thursday, July 1, 2010

Check Out That New RV Before Taking It Home

Over a period of several months we attended an RV Show, visited several dealers and spent quality time in various units. After settling on a Class C we drove one identical to the one we wanted. (The unit we wound up purchasing was not at the dealer at that time.) Prior to accepting our unit we conducted a thorough walk through and also drove it. Buying a new unit gives us some comfort since the unit is under warranty. However, before leaving we ran every system and moved everything that could be moved. We used the RV with and without shore power and in general put it through its paces.

To give you an idea of how things can go wrong; we spent some hours learning about and operating systems. The radio was clearly marked Sirius Ready. It was the one thing I didn’t check on prior to leaving the dealership. According to Jayco, Sirius Ready, doesn’t mean the radio is ready. It means the radio is ready for you to purchase several items to make it ready. I will complain, but it is my slip up that let this happen. So again, I say, check everything.

An RV has allowed us to go places we would not have gone without one. We have been in 48 States and several Canadian Provinces. The experiences we’ve had make RVing our favorite mode of travel.

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