Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feds Sue Arizona

It was very disheartening to hear today that the Federal Government has filed suit against the Arizona immigration law.  What a shame that our federal government not only fails to do its duty, but actively seeks to prevent states from protecting their citizens.

Not in my lifetime have I witnessed a federal government actively working to destroy our nation.  Not since reconstruction has the federal government actually worked to cause its citizens harm. 

We are rapidly approaching the situation that existed prior to the War Between The States.  If states do not act to control the federal government we are doomed since it is clear the federal government will not control itself. 

This time it will not be the South acting alone.  We will be joined by states in the southwest and northwest.  The states are the final line of defense against a federal government that is clearly acting against the interests of the very citizens it claims to protect. 

Immigrants are clearly an important part of what makes this nation what it is today.  I am not against immigrants, but surely we have the right to protect our own borders.  Not only people wanting to work come across the border, but drug smugglers, terrorists, and criminals as well. 

The federal government is routinely failing to provide the services it is mandated by the Constitution to provide while increasing its power in areas it has no authority.  Where are we headed?  Take a look at Greece.  Is that what you want our country to be?  I pray not.

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