Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feds Continue Attack on America

Not since Sherman burned his way across Georgia has the federal government so openly attacked the interests of Americans.  In striking down the Arizona Immigration Law, the government both admitted they couldn't do the job and opposed Arizona assisting them in doing it.  It is as if the federal government wants to turn this nation over to a group of people who come to this country illegally.

Immigration is essential for this nation and the world.  Uncontrolled immigration will destroy this nation.  It is simple and straightforward.  No nation can support unlimited immigration.  The people in power must know this.  The only conclusion I can reach is that they are intending to destroy this nation.

Without the threat of secession by the states, the federal government is uncontrolled and uncontrollable.  It will be the death of our nation.  The unsustainable debt, plus takeover of financial institutions and health care are just a few of the ways your freedoms are eroding on a daily basis.

An all powerful federal government is currently on a path to destroy this nation.  What a sad legacy for our children and grandchildren.

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