Friday, July 23, 2010

Jayco And Sirius Ready

We bought a new RV about a month ago.  I checked it out six ways from Sunday, though I'm not exactly sure what that phrase means.  Most everything seemed to be working just fine.  Now if you have never bought a motor home just think of it like buying a house and a car attached.  There are a lot of systems to understand and you can lose the little things when figuring out how the big things, like AC, work.  I lost one of the little things.

That's not to say it was all my fault.  I just read the label and assumed the label meant what the label said.  Ooops!  My bad.  Yep, it is there today.  The sign on my radio says, "Sirius ready."  I looked up the word ready in the dictionary and it means pretty much what the entire free world believes it to mean: except for Jayco.

The best I can tell is that Jayco believes Sirius ready means the radio is ready for you to buy some additional parts so that it is really ready.  Hmmm.

So while I'm pretty well satisfied so far with the RV; just a note of caution.  If you are thinking of buying an RV from Jayco, don't believe anything until you try it out.  Of course that is pretty good advice for anything you purchase.

When I'm riding down the road not listening to Sirius I'm thinking bad thoughts about Jayco.  But if ready doesn't mean ready Jayco, then I'm pretty confused about that warranty thing.

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