Friday, April 29, 2011

Crazy Gas Prices and RVs

Given today's reality we are simply going to have to find new, and more economical, ways to use our RVs since we do have a substantial financial investment in them. If we don't use our RVs then we are incurring substantial expenses for absolutely nothing.

This summer we are making a significant change in plans and maybe something like this will work for you. We plan on taking a trip of approximately 300 miles one way. However, when we arrive at our destination we will be staying for a month.

Our basic travel budget will look something like this: 600 RV miles at 8 miles per gallon equals 75 gallons. Assuming the cost of fuel to be $5 per gallon it will cost $375 for the trip. Our RV Park for the month will cost approximately $400. Add another $50 for electricity and you have a month's vacation for $825.

You might do a search for State Parks within a 100 miles or so and have a great vacation. Instead of going to several places in your RV you could consider finding a central location and doing day trips from there. An RV Park outside of a city such as Atlanta might provide you with a wealth of entertainment possibilities from the Aquarium to Braves Baseball to Six Flags. Similar entertainment is certainly available in most major cities.

So while we may have to make changes in our RV usage, we can certainly enjoy our RVs. They still can provide relatively economical vacations.  For more RV information check out

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