Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Forty One Per Cent

In a recent poll 41 % of Americans said they support President Obama.  I have one and only one question about the poll.  Who are these people?  Are they subsisting on some of the myriad of welfare programs created by the federal government?  Are they so rich that the idea of paying a King's ransom to the King is acceptable to them?  I don't know. 

What I do know is that the 41% who are supporting the President cannot be part of the hard working middle class that he claims to be concerned about.  Why not?  There are so many reasons it is difficult to know where to begin so let's just jump in the middle.  His energy policies keep gas prices so painfully high that these middle class people are having their lives negatively impacted by a government that is hell bent on destroying our energy infrastructure in favor of fairy dust.  His refusal to allow oil drilling is keeping thousands from working and helping to end the recession.  His deficit spending is killing the future for our children and grandchildren.  His printing money is devaluing the wealth we have managed to create. 

In a time of recession he continues to grow the federal government to record levels.  His nanny state policies have put the federal government into every aspect of our lives including what we eat.  He wants to raise taxes, and not just on the filthy rich. 

In summary:  he wants more taxes; he costs us more to live; he devalues what we have; he interferes with our lives as never before done; his spending is destroying our future; he is turning American independence into American dependants.  So who are the 41% who support the President?     

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