Tuesday, October 5, 2010

California Welfare

You just have to love the good citizens (and the many resident non-citizens) of California.  Even though the state is drowning in debt and people are leaving in droves, they still have plenty of money for food stamps.  To make it easier for the food stamp recipients they issue them debit cards, how thoughtful.  The good folks of California don't want the food stamp recipients to be in any way inconvenienced. 

It seems that the good folks of California who are on the receiving end of the food stamp debit cards, don't just hang around the house searching the want ads for jobs.  No indeed.  These food stamp recipients are out living the good life.  They take those debit cards to Vegas.  The sky is the limit when it is OPM (other peoples' money.)

So we have the hard working taxpayers of California, whose main fault is electing idiots to run their state, working away just trying to make ends meet.  The food stamp recipients, on the other hand, are traveling the world on cruise ships and gambling in Vegas.  Only in America, or should I say only in California?   

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