Saturday, October 9, 2010

Government Stimulates the Dead and Incarcerated

There is some disagreement on whether the so-called stimulus bill actually stimulated much of anything.  Of course it did stimulate government spending, which by most accounts is not a good thing.  As a reminder, the government doesn't have any money.  They either take yours or they print funny money that devalues yours.  To make it perfectly clear; whatever hairbrained scheme the government comes up with it is a scheme you pay for.

In addition to government programs being less than effective they have one other little problem.  Government programs, as with any type of "free" money program, are subject to a fantastic amount of fraud.  Okay there is just one more problem with government programs, they are terribly inefficient.  Much of the money is stolen; much of it is given to the wrong people;  and too often even that small portion that actually is spent as intended helps almost no one.

Seventy nine thousand or so of the dearly departed were mailed stimulus checks from the government.  One wonders where the dead spent their stimulus money and of course we didn't know the dead could be stimulated, but that's another topic.  Just another example of your government at work.  And these are the folks you want to run your health care?  Are you kidding me?

A few million dollars was also sent to prisoners.  That was explained by saying that many of the prisoners were actually entitled to the money.  Excuse me all to heck.  How could someone who has violated the law and used our legal and law enforcement resources and is currently living off the taxpayers, be entitled to stimulus money?  Please tell me that doesn't make sense to you even if you consider yourself to be a liberal.

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