Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nicky Diaz Go Home

In case you have missed the news lately, Nicky Diaz is the poor illegal immigrant who was forced to work for a rich white woman in California.  She was taking a job no "American" would do.  You know, one of those $23 per hour jobs for driving the rich white woman's children around and running errands.  Yes, it was no doubt hell.  Fifteen hours per week.  One wonders how she survived for nine years in this sweatshop.

Speaking of one of those jobs no "American" would do, I may have to differ.  Offer me $23 per hour for 15 hours a week and I'm your man.  It is such a shame that the rich white woman could find no "American" to do the job.  Of course she believed poor Nicky was in the country legally.  Why?  Maybe because she went through a legitimate employment agency or maybe it was the false social security number or fake driver's license.  Of course none of that is poor Nicky's fault.

It is not enough that our poor Nicky has taken advantage of the country and broken a variety of laws for a number of years, now she is having an impact on a gubernatorial election.  One has to wonder about Nicky.  For some reason after nine years she chose to confess her misdeeds to the rich white woman.  The rich white woman had to fire her at that time or risk breaking the law herself.

It was not enough for the loons on the left of course.  The rich white woman must be an evil person according to them and undeserving of holding a political office.  As a rather famous comedian once said, "You can't fix stupid."

The head of Homeland Security was on television last night and she couldn't say what would happen to our Nicky.  Nicky is in the country illegally.  She has admitted violating the law.  She may have influenced a major election.  The mere fact that the federal government has not taken action is another indication that we have a government that refuses to protect us.  Violate the law in Mexico (assuming you are not a member of a drug cartel) and you will wind up in jail or deported.  Violate the law here and nothing happens.

In conclusion, I ask that Nicky voluntarily go home.  Our government has neither the brains nor courage to protect us.  We are at the mercy of people like Nicky to do the right thing.  Pretty please, Nicky.  

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