Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ole Miss Black Bear

Well it is finally settled.  The University of Mississippi has decided on the black bear as its on field mascot.  You might remember that in a move designed to not offend all those people who could care less about Ole Miss and offend those who deeply cared for the University; Ole Miss removed Colonel Reb several years ago.  Using the same logic they also quit playing Dixie. 

Now we can enjoy the spectacle of the Ole Miss Rebels being led on the field by a black bear.  Let me go on record right now as saying that I am deeply offended by the use of the black bear.  Why must we inject race into everything?  Why couldn't they just be the bears?  Why does it have to be a black bear?  Maybe it should be an African American bear. 

Is it a rebel bear?  What does the black bear have to rebel against?  Maybe being adopted as a mascot by a mediocre university running from its past. 

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