Friday, October 8, 2010

Congress Is Not A Fraternity

All we hear from the enlightened talking heads is that these tea party, right wing, candidates will have to change if they are elected to Congress.  They will have to compromise, and get along if they want to get anything done.  Yeah?  How has that been working for us? 

Congress is not a fraternity and compromise is not a religion.  Of course you can compromise on the way to achieve certain goals.  What you cannot do is compromise your basic principles.  If the bus is being driven over a cliff you cannot compromise on the speed at which it travels.  There is no compromise; the bus must be turned around.  Our nation is rapidly heading for the cliff.  We cannot compromise on changing direction.

Those elected to Congress may be friendly or ill tempered; I don't care.  I do care about how they represent the conservative electorate who put them in Washington.  There are truly despicable people in Congress who will destroy this nation if not stopped.  However it is done; whatever steps must be taken;  this nation has to be rescued from those who either through ignorance or evil intent are well along in the process of its destruction.

If nothing gets done because our representatives refuse to compromise their principles, so be it.  This nation will be better off with nothing getting done.  At least we will have stopped the bus.

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