Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama Attacks Chamber of Commerce

In the world of Obama, a truly "through the looking glass world" for sure, it is quite proper for the President of the United States to attack the Chamber of Commerce as an agent of evil foreigners.  These are the same people who made certain you could not tell where their contributions came from during the presidential election.  If foreign money was coming to them, well they just didn't want to know.

If this is an issue about which many Americans are concerned, I'll be surprised to say the least.  With the economy, and just about everything else the government has touched lately, a complete disaster it is more than amazing that the Democrats have chosen to attack the Chamber of Commerce.  Then again if they have nothing positive to talk about or even spin, maybe this is all they have. 

A quick view of Hardball with Chris Matthews revealed he is down to interviewing an actor who participated in a GOP ad.  The purpose of the interview seemed to be that the actor really had no knowledge about the politician he was talking against.  This is a surprise?  I bet you could get hundreds of actors who have participated in all types of ads for politicians and products who are merely reading the words they have been given.  There truly seems to be no limit.

Lawyers know the old saw:  When the law is on your side pound on the law; when the facts are on your side pound on the facts; when neither is on your side pound on the table.  It has truly been a long time since we have seen so many pounding on the table. 

You cannot vote for a Democrat and not be voting for Pelosi, Obama, and Reid.  It matters not how conservative the candidate is.  Electing a Democrat to any post will be taken as approval of the Obama administration.  If you approve, then of course vote for the Democrat.  If you don't, no vote for a Democrat is acceptable. 


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